Creating Social Media Plan for Residential Service Providers

Creating Social Media Plan for Residential Field Service Industry Is Social Media Important to Electricians or Plumbers?

When it comes to a social media plan, in almost every industry the #1 Question seems to be “How can I possibly use Social Media to grow my revenues.” The first new client request is almost always “Please show me how to create a positive ROI (return on investment) using social media.” Unfortunately small, independent, […]

B2B Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing within B2B Construction Industry

In a recent article about Building B2B Brand Awareness using social media marketing we discussed how to identify your ideal buyer and at what stages of the Buyers Journey you should market to them. Using B2B Social Media Marketing. Today we are  creating a solid plan specifically designed to target the Commercial B2B Construction Industry. […]

B2B Brand Awareness

Building Brand Awareness using B2B social media marketing

Using social media to create b2b brand awareness in the Construction Industry. Unless you just crawled out from under a rock after a 10 year Rip Van Winkle size nap you’ve heard a lot about the concept of ‘social media marketing.’ If you’re in the Construction Industry in the B2B space you might feel a […]