Building Brand Awareness using B2B social media marketing Create Industry Buzz and Brand Awareness using Social Media Marketing


Using social media to create b2b brand awareness in the Construction Industry. Unless you just crawled out from under a rock after a 10 year Rip Van Winkle size nap you’ve heard a lot about the concept of ‘social media marketing.’

If you’re in the Construction Industry in the B2B space you might feel a little unsure of how social media marketing (SMM) even pertains to you.

Create B2B Brand Awareness using Social Media

Many B2B Construction Industry businesses are steadfast in the belief that their clients can’t be reached on social media even though platforms like Facebook have over 192 million daily active users in the US. And 1.28 Billion daily users worldwide.

If you currently find yourself doubting your ability to reach and market to your ideal clients on social media, then this article should help you use your social network to create a brand awareness marketing plan.

We’re going to discuss how to create B2B brand awareness through social media and what it takes to market to the B2B Construction Industry crowd. We’ll also explore what types of content will generate engagement and leads on your social network and ultimately make social media marketing produce results.

First, some house cleaning. In today’s information society, the foundation of a successful Internet presence is non-negotiable. The Golden Rule is; Google Rules the World. With that in mind make sure you have a website with a solid foundation to build on. This information will help.

Simple Overview of a Social Media Campaign – With that out of the way you are ready to start a social media campaign to increase your brand awareness.

Here are the 3 key points;

Change your mind set. Social media is powerful, because it gives you the chance to connect with people, in a personal way as a brand representative, rather than as faceless company. If you make your social network interactions personal, you’ll get better brand recognition.

Get clear on whom your customer is by creating a buyer persona that lists out the traits and demographics of your ideal customer and how that relates to their usage of their media accounts.

According to this 2014 HubSpot report effective personas can make websites two to five times more effective, For example; What part of the Buyers Journey are they in;

Create B2B Brand Awareness - Buyers Journey

Once you’re clear on who your customer is and where they fit in the buyers journey, you’ll be better able to craft your social media messaging.

Decide on your goals and be clear from the onset about what you want to achieve with a media campaign. In general, there are two main goals that you can hope to achieve with social media marketing. (For the purpose of this article we will address only Brand Awareness)

  • Brand Awareness – build familiarity with your brand across social networks.
  • Conversions – create a sales funnel that collects leads that convert to sales.

If you’re looking to build b2b brand awareness, then you’re not doing things in the hopes that your efforts will lead directly to revenue. Rather, you’re looking to become a thought leader in your space. You’re trying to build familiarity with your brand across social networks and constantly working organically to build brand awareness and future sales.

Here you would be more concerned with shares/likes/retweets video downloads and/or fan page growth.

NOTE; If you’re looking to drive conversions, you’re taking steps to ensure that you can see a direct return on investment on your social media marketing activities. This might happen when you’re actively promoting a product, using paid traffic, that is designed to get people into a funnel that will ‘convert’ them and direct them towards your media account.

For this type of campaign, you’ll be more interested in website landing page visits and click-through rates. We will discuss this more in a future article.

Although oversimplified, that should help provide an overview of how a social media campaign works.

What Types of Content Will Create B2B Brand Awareness

If you want to see real results from social media marketing, then you need to consistently create high quality, informative content. on your media account that is purely for brand awareness purposes. The easiest, and perhaps most obvious way to do this is to create videos/blogs as part of your media campaign that detail stories of and related to your company.

  • Tell the origin story of your company where you detail on your social media account why it was set up in the first place. Put a personal face on it, tell the family story.
  • Create content based on the products or services that you’re creating and explain the reason that they were created, as well as showcasing the effort that goes into creating them.
  • Create a video tour of a completed project and highlight the best features of your product.
  • Add video testimonials of your customers that show how their life changed because of using your product.
  • Use content that documents an event your company hosted or sponsored on your social media account is another good avenue. Google loves Human Interest stories
  • Stay Engage with your social media profiles by replying to social media account comments. They will begin to appreciate your expertise and will feel more comfortable about getting in touch with you via social networks.

Everything that we’ve covered, so far, relates to the groundwork of developing a social media marketing strategy. You know who you want to reach and what you want to achieve. You even know how you’re going to achieve it.


Building B2B Brand Awareness using social media marketing can appear complex. But, if you break it down, it’s quite simple. Be clear about what you want to achieve. Focus your efforts to reach the right people through the right social channels. Combine that with a good media strategy and you will generate goodwill in the process.

Here is the Million Dollar Question – “Which social media networks will get my content/events in front of the right people.” From experience, I’ve found B2B marketing tends to work well on Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+ more than other social channels. If you are in a visual medium than you could add Pinterest and maybe Instagram into the mix.

For a complete answer, this article focuses on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+